An intense natural sweetener, thaumatin is a protein ingredient 100% natural origin, extracted from the African fruit Thaumatococcus Daniellii. It has some interesting functionalities in several sectors : food (savoury and sweet), cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Thaumatin is a mix of 2 proteins named Thaumatin T1 and Thaumatin T2 (45 % max.). These 2 proteins are composed of 207 amino acids and have a molecular weight of respectively 22 209 et 22 293 (close to the milk caseins, trypsin or papaïn molecular weight values). Their isoelectric point is high, approximatively pH 11. The presence of 8 disulphide bridges (in particular in positions 158 and 159) and many weak bonds in their tertiary structure explain their very good stability to the temperature and pH variations. The calorie intake of the thaumatin is negligible (4.1 cal/g = 17 J/g), but the Amcasuctin has a sweet taste (SP 4000), that is why it has been referenced as an intense natural sweetener (E957). Used at low dosages (some ppm), it permits to modify the sensory quality of the products or to mask a unpleasant taste/off notes (vitamins, molecules, agents,...). Thaumatin is easily soluble in cold water and diverse solvents (glycerin, propylen glycol, ethanol, polyols like sorbitol,...), as opposed to other aprotic and organic solvents.




Sugar reducers

Natural sweeteners


Improvement of the organoleptic quality of the finished products, unwanted notes/flavours masked, more powerful, more complete aromatic profile.

Improvement of the mouthfullness, in particular in the case of the low calorie content products, without sugar and/or without fat. The product feels richer, creamier.

Synergies with other ingredients hence the reduction of their incorporation rate : it prolongs and intensifies the intense sweeteners effects, increase the efficiency of the flavour enhancers like MSG (monosodium glutamate), salt.

Other effects : increase of the dough volume and products like chocolate mousses.



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