Beauty with Dempsey

Dempsey Beauty

Dempsey Beauty provides services in sourcing, design and packaging, across beauty, personal care, cosmetic and gifting sectors. With offices in Paris, Toronto and Shenzhen, Dempsey Beauty is where design ideas are in harmony with the sourcing possibilities and the client’s dreams.

For more information on please contact:
Diego Aguirre
+33 6 64 34 73 20

Yanne Wellness

Yanne Wellness is Dempsey's own nutricosmetic beauty brand created in 2020. The brand combines the expertise Dempsey has accross the food and beauty divisions to create an innovative skincare and dietary supplement brand. At Yanne Skincare + Supplements, we believe that beauty comes from within. The brand symbolizes our commitments in terms of quality, efficiency and French elegance.

For more information please contact:
Solen Marie
+33 7 86 03 75 06‬

A subsidiary of Dempsey Corporation