Frank Dempsey
Frank DempseyCOO Dempsey Corporation
Bridgitte Dempsey
Bridgitte DempseyManaging Director Amcan
Benjamin Dempsey
Benjamin DempseyExecutive Chairman Dempsey Corporation

Dempsey's guiding principle has always been to exceed the client's expectations.

Frank E. Dempsey
Frank E. DempseyFounder

A family run business since 1954, Dempsey's guiding principle has always been to exceed the client's expectations.

The founder, Frank E. Dempsey, believed in building a full-service specialty products distribution business with a sales team who were passionate and efficient.

Today in its 3rd generation, Dempsey continues to distinguish itself by the people they hire and the partnerships they make across the company’s various divisions: in France, the Ingredients division, the Beauty division, the Biotech division and straw distribution.

Throughout each of its main activities, sales, marketing, customer service, technical support and distribution, Dempsey meets the unique needs of both their clients and suppliers by focusing on thorough product knowledge and excellent service.

Celebrating 67 years of success, Dempsey continues to focus its efforts of developing a comprehensive product line across all its divisions on an international scale with its headquarters in Toronto and branches across Canada, the US and France. 

"Our goal each day is to keep building a world class company with world class people. The desire to keep improving, leveraging new technology and adopting best-practice is what keeps us motivated"


Bowes Dempsey

Executive Chairman

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